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Is there anything cuter than chunky baby thighs? Time flies when your baby starts growing up. The months are short and before you know it they’re walking, talking and eating solids. It’s so bittersweet as a parent to watch it all unfold before your eyes with no way to slow down time.

Sitter sessions are one of my favorite ways to capture the middle stage in between newborn photos and their 1 year photos. Newborn photos will capture all of that squishy goodness when they’re still super sleepy and brand new. By the time their 1 year photos roll around they might be crawling, talking and/or walking already! 

These in between sitter sessions are here to capture baby discovering how to sit up unassisted, their adorable chubby thighs, playing with their feet and toes, learning how to interact with toys, etc. I love to capture their natural smiles and expressions as they discover new toys and props in the studio.

These sessions include a minimalist setup with wooden toys, rocking chairs, teddy bears, fluffy rugs and blankets. They’re taken with a timeless feel in mind so that they’re still relevant and beautiful when you open the album in 20 years.

The best age for sitters is typically between 8-9 months when baby is sitting up by themselves unassisted and may even be able to crawl. The best time to book a session is typically when baby is 6-7 months or when he/she is beginning to sit unassisted.

After your session I will create a customized proofing gallery just for you. Within 1 month we will schedule a time to meet again in the studio and go over your images over coffee and doughnuts. This is known as your ordering session. You will review your photos and only purchase the images you are in love with. We offer a wide variety of custom products in addition to digital only collections.

Each client ordering appointment will feature our exclusive reveal wall with matted folio prints of your images that you will be able to feel and use to create a custom folio package. Grandparents and/or family are welcome at these ordering appointments as well to join in on the experience.

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