If you're serious about your photography business and improving your client experience, Honeybook is for you. No question.


Ok, that was a bold statement to make. But seriously. I look back at where I was a year ago and it's shocking. Before Honeybook, my files were a HOT MESS. Hot mess express. I was making contracts in "Pages" on my computer, changing them for each client and often forgetting to change the previous client's name to the new one making things VERY embarrassing and awkward to say the least.

As if that wasn't bad enough, I was accepting payments through PayPal from clients for their sessions. If you don't already know, this is a horrible idea and can result in you very quickly and easily losing your money to a client in any type of dispute.

I was emailing clients for their wedding details and saving them in the notes section of my phone. SO. PICTURE THIS. Here's me getting ready the day of a client's wedding scrolling back through an email chain or my notes section from 6 months back searching for information I need to know to complete my job. I'm ashamed to admit that this is actually how I ran my business. BUT. Maybe you're there too. And if you are, there's steps I've learned and things I've changed so that my business runs smoothly, my clients are well taken care of and I look professional. I'll share them below.

FIRST OF ALL, sign up for Honeybook. I'm serious. Go get your credit card and take the leap. This is where it began for me. This is where I began to book more clients and retain them. It's insane how many inquiries I didn't follow up with because of pure chaos in my email inbox. Honeybook will allow you to keep track of your inquiries, remind you to follow up with them and BOOK THEM. SO. I can say that Honebook's organization alone has helped me to actually book the inquiries I was already receiving.

This will change your life. I know because it did for me. MY PASSION IS PHOTOGRAPHY NOT BUSINESS ORGANIZATION. This allows me to focus on my photography while my business runs in the background. I remember the days of spending hours trying to sit down, create and send out contracts, reply to emails, send invoices, keep track of payments, etc. NOW it takes me maybe 5-7 minutes to create a client's project, their contract and invoice and email everything to them. Not only is it saving me time, but it looks SO much more professional. My clients can now sign with an e-signature that Honeybook has built into their program. They can review their contract and invoice, sign and make payments easily right from their phone. AND MY FAVORITE PART...I get a notification every time someone views, signs or pays! How cool, right? One of my other favorite things is their questionnaire template. I used to email my clients a numbered list of questions for them to answer in order for me to create their contract correctly and make sure I had all of their details. Now I use a template that I have customized to ask all of the right questions. It takes me less than a minute to send it to a client. When they're done, it sends back to me and automatically gets attached to their project so I use it as a reference whenever I need it. Their contract, invoice, notes, questionnaire, etc are all in ONE place under their name. No more scrolling through a HUGE email chain just to find the address of their getting ready location 6 months after they sent it.


I wouldn't have been able to take the leap when I did without using the 50% off code I received from another photographer! SO. Enjoy this 50% off code below on your first year of Honeybook and GO GET ORGANIZED. Have questions? Reach out!




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