Anna and Diego

Weddings can be stressful, am I right? Anna and Diego had an 80% change of rain on their wedding day. All day. There were storms rolling in and high winds in the surrounding areas. We checked the forecast every other minute while Anna was getting ready with tentative plans to move the ceremony under a tent.

Here's the thing. It didn't rain. Not even a drop. They had the most beautiful weather the entire day with some sun even peeking through the clouds throughout the ceremony!

It turned out to be a perfect day where "Plan A" worked out on everything!

Anna was the most beautiful bride...twice. She and Diego had gotten married weeks earlier in Guatemala where Diego and his family live. They celebrated with Diego's family and THEN got to do it all over again in Ithaca, NY for a second time! She didn't skimp on the details, either. She included beautiful details like her dress from Kleinfeld's, ring box from The Mrs. Box and the venue held in her parent's own BEAUTIFUL backyard!