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January 6, 2021

5 Amazon Must Have Products for your Baby


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1. Swaddle Me Pods

The best swaddle sacks EVER. These things saved my life coming home from the hospital with a tiny baby who I didn’t have the energy to re-swaddle every time I put her back to sleep!

2. Moon and Star Night Light Projector

Item #2 that saved my sanity…this night light projector! It projects stars and moon shapes onto your ceiling for baby to stare at. Our little girl loves it and it keeps her preoccupied while I do other tasks. It also helps her to doze off at night!

3. Huggies Little Snugglers

If you have a chunky newborn like we did, these diapers are a life saver! They have a stretchy waistband that keeps them in the newborn size just a litttlleeee bit longer! When size 1’s were too big and most newborns were too small…this was the only brand that worked for her!

4. Boogie Bulb

This Boogie Bulb was SO much better than the ones the hospital gave us. This one can be easily cleaned and re-used. The hospital ones are single use because they cannot be cleaned. Worth the extra money!

5. Travel Bassinet

When we traveled by plane to another state, this fit PERFECTLY in our suitcase! It sits on top of the bed and allows for a safe space for baby to sleep on the go! SO much easier than a pack – n – play.

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